As if seeing Channing Tatum star on the big screen with Rachel McAdams in The Vow isn't enough of a treat, the star talks about stripping down for the sake of art.

"It was very gratuitous," he told E! News. Specifically, there was one scene in which he took out the trash sans shirt. "It was like, 'Do I really need to have my shirt off to take out the garbage while eating a piece of pizza and picking up a cat?' Shirtless? Was that really necessary?"
According to the director Michael Sucsy, that would be a yes! He confessed it was gratuitous, actually in an effort to "keep the fans happy."
Bare chest aside, Channing also bared his bottom! However the naked butt scene explains the relationship between his character and his wife (played by Rachel) after she loses her memory in an awful car crash. "That wasn't gratuitous," he pointed out. "That was necessary."
Apparently his real-life wife, Jenna Dewan, agreed! "I was like, 'There's his butt on the screen. But it's completely screen-worthy… it's definitely going to be something people rewind and play."
Considering he stars in Magic Mike which is all about male strippers, he quips, "I'm sure it won't be the last time I take my clothes off." Lucky us!

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