Channing Tatum doesn’t shy away from questions about being shirtless in all his films, performing as a male stripper or even questions about his package — in fact, he welcomes them! “Now my penis is fantastic!” Channing revealed proudly in an interview with Details. “One hundred percent recovered. Put me back in the game, Coach.”

Channing isn’t too shy to show off his package to people other than his wife Jenna Dewan, but that’s what keeps him normal!

“There’s no vanity with Chan,” Amanda Seyfried, Channing’s costar and love interest in their new film based on a Nicholas Sparks book, Dear John, explained to Details. “That’s the first thing that struck me about him. I saw this intensely good-looking guy, and I expected some vanity. But he’s not like that at all. He’s not afraid to be embarrassed, not afraid to look stupid. One of the reasons he’s such a good actor is that he’s not afraid of anything.”

Channing really is a good-looking guy and he knows that’s the quality about him that’s landed him most, if not all, of his roles to date.

He got his start as a model and a male stripper — yes, a male stripper, but he has no shame in it!

“I don’t care what they think,” he said about his former job. “I’m happy I did it. I’m not proud, because it’s not something to be proud of, but I had an experience that only one out of a thousand — a million —p eople can say they’ve ever had. I’ve been through this crazy sort of life, and I came out the other side fairly unscathed.”

He’s not the only one that thinks his past experiences have helped him with his career today.

“There’s something about Chan that feels normal,” says Dito Montiel, who cast Channing in all three of his films. “Most actors today live in a bubble. Chan’s a real guy. He’s had his ass kicked in real life, and done a little of that, too. That changes you.”

Channing’s package has been kicked, too, while filming the Roman battle epic The Eagle of the Ninth in Scotland and that’s changed him — it’s made him never want to go back Scotland!

“The only way to keep warm was by pouring a mix of boiling water and river water down your suit,” he explained. “We were finally done shooting for the day, and one of the crew guys asks if I want to warm up before I go. I’m like,’ Nah, I’m good.’ And then I thought, ‘Why not?’ Thing is, he’d forgotten to dilute the kettle water. So he poured scalding water down my suit.”

“And I was trying to pull the suit away from my body to somehow get away from the boiling water, and the more I pulled the suit away, the lower the water went,” he continued. “It just went straight down and pretty much burned the skin off the head of my d–k.”

“It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life,” he said as he showed a picture of the painful incident.

We can only imagine!

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