For those of you who were in need of a Charlie Sheen fix last night, you may have encountered some difficulties with the popular site Live the Sheen Dream, dedicated to the “epic” quotes the 45-year-old actor has delivered during his media bender. But don’t worry, the site has not been taken down, and is up and running again! was experiencing such high traffic, that the site crashed as a result of the heavy volume.

For now, our new favorite site — simple in design with a Charlie Sheen bobble head that once clicked generated quotes —is up and running!


At times it can be slow, but it seems to be working well right now.

Here is an updated roundup of our favorite quotes so far! Happy reading!

• “It’s a war. And it’s on.”
• “They picked a fight with a warlock.”
• “I have one speed. I have one gear. Go.”
• “It was so gnarly I can’t remember.”
• “It was so gnarly I can’t remember.”
• “I honorably pass that torch to these young geniuses.”
• “I’m not ‘aw shucks’. Because I’m gnarly.”
• “The last time I used? What do you mean? I used my toaster this morning.”
• “One of my favorite poets is Eminem.”
• “We’re Vatican assassins. How complicated can it be?”
• “If you’re a part of my family, I will love you violently.”
• “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.”
• “Let’s hook up and just bring fiery death.”
• “I don’t know, winning, anyone? Rhymes with winning? Anyone? Yeah, that would be us.”
• “I’m a peaceful man with bad intentions.”
• “Duh, WINNING.”
• “I guess I’m just that goddamn bitchin’.”
• “Resentments are the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my sabre.”
• “Mistook this rockstar, bro.”
• “Park your nonsense.”
• “Really dude? Really?”
• “I have a disease? Bulls***. I cured it with my brain.”
• “A lot of people think Major League’s called Wild Thing. As they should.”
• “I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front.”
• “Go back to the troll hole where you came from.”

Charlie Sheen Live the Sheen Dream March 3


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