With Charlie Sheen‘s track record of  drug addiction and domestic disputes with ex-lovers, many were not surprised by his spat with current wife Brook Mueller. However, Heather Hunter — who claims to have briefly dated Charlie— was stunned by news that her former boyfriend allegedly abused his wife.

Heather, a former adult film star, tells Hollywood Life she’s baffled by the latest news that Charlie allegedly attacked his wife.

“He was a gentleman,” Heather says. “I think with life, people see the good side and the bad side of certain people. I never saw the [bad side] of him. I guess it was a fortunate thing.”

Heather said she met Charlie at a party in 1994 and dated him for a short span of time, remembering him as “really nice, concerned and compassionate.”

“It’s crazy because Charlie has had domestic problems and was violent, but I didn’t see that crazy side,” she said.

Heather also expressed concern for Brooke, and hope that the couple will receive the help they need to pull through.

“If someone hits you or hurts you in some way,” Heather said, “if they do it once they’ll do it again.”

Charlie headed back to L.A. this weekend while his wife remained in Aspen, where the Two and a Half Men star was arrested on Christmas for alleged assault.

While Charlie is hard at work back on the set of his hit sitcom, Brooke, along with twin 10-month-old boys Bob and Max will remain in Colo. for at least a month without their dad, Radar Online reports.

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