Food is the way to Cheryl Hines‘ heart, she told OK! at the NYC premiere for ‘Waitress’ on April 29. The Florida native, who is mom to Catherine, 3, has been married to Paul Young since 2002. Cheryl, 41, revealed that her hubby is an ace in the kitchen. ‘He learned how to cook for me, which was pretty amazing,’ she told OK! ‘He cooks a lot of fish, which I don’t eat, but we won’t tell him that. The gesture of it was very nice. For a year, he made dinner for me once a week. That was really nice.’ What keeps this couple going strong? ‘We’re a lot alike, and we’re very different at the same time. He’s the business-minded person and I’m flying around the universe. When we get together, it’s a good match.”Waitress’ opens Friday (May 4).–Valerie Nome

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