This could get awkward!

Jordin Sparks recently confessed that she’s had a secret crush on Chris Brown ever since they shot that sizzlingly passionate video for their hit "No Air."

Well, we hate to break it to you, Jordin, but you’re on a one-way street.


Chris told OK! that as far as he’s concerned the flying sparks were strictly for the cameras.


"I heard that [she has a crush on me]," said Chris at the 5th annual Fashion Rocks show in NYC on September 5th.


"But when we did that video, I didn’t feel that chemistry. I didn’t feel that. When they yell action, you have to put on a certain performance, but as far as off-camera: there’s no connection."


So since Chris is definitely not going out with his non-girlfriend Rihanna, would he ever consider a relationship with Jordin?


"No," said Chris. 

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