Sometimes it seems that Chris Martin isn’t really cut out for being a rock star.

The Coldplay singer, who is supposed to be promoting his new album, walked out of a radio interview — because someone dared to ask him about his new album!

Things got off to a bad start in the chat with a high-brow BBC arts show when Chris, 31, accused the presenter of "journalistically twisting" him into saying the album was all about death.

Then, eight minutes in, the interviewer asked the star where he got the idea for the revolutionary theme for Viva La Vida, which was released yesterday.

The bad tempered frontman went silent, then said, "I’m not really enjoying this," and walked out, explaining that he doesn’t "really like having to talk about things," leaving drummer Will Campion to take over.

After taking a few minutes to regain his composure, Gywneth Paltrow’s hubby came back into the studio and rejoined the discussion.


But when the interviewer tried another question about his music, the multi-millionaire would only sulkily reply, "Um… yes… yes, yes … exactly."


The pre-recorded interview was broadcast this morning on BBC Radio 4.

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