It’s not just the ladies who get to have fun in Sex and the CityChris Noth wants Mr. Big to get his fair share of bedroom time, should there be a sequel to the movie.


"I would like to see him get it on more," he joked to OK! at the 14th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 8 in Santa Monica, Calif. " I will leave that up to them. They always find something really interesting. I like it when they get him to be a little goofy."


However it’s still up in the air as to whether or not Big will get his chance to get between the sheets again with Carrie Bradshaw onscreen, and Chris says he’s just as clueless as everyone else as to SATC‘s fate. He does think that all four will come back if there is a sequel.


" I don’t think that any of those girls would not want to do it," he reveals to OK!. "They actually really like each other, and they have a great time. We have a ball doing it, and it looks like it did pretty well. So, we will see."


Chris says he’s also a fan of the way the movie came out, even if it did focus mostly on the ladies.


"I thought that it was much more serious in many ways," he says. "I am glad that we were able to do that. It’s not just about shoes you know, or the underwear."


You’re right, Chris, it’s also about the men of Sex and the City, including Mr. Big, getting a chance for some lovin’!

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