If there’s anyone who can still look sexy wearing a milk mustache, it’s Christie Brinkley.

The former Sports Illustrated supermodel is helping launch a new campaign to reintroduce Americans to Milk as Nature’s wellness drink. She’s also helping make history — Brinkley was one of the first celebrities to don the white upper lip, proudly wearing a milk mustache in 1995 when the iconic campaign first premiered.

This time around, Brinkley is helping launch the "Drink Well. Live Well" initiative for the national Milk Mustache "Got Milk" Campaign at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


"I’ve been drinking milk all of my life and I think it’s a vital part of living well," said Brinkley. "As a busy mom constantly on the move, I may not always have an extra hour to hit the gym, but I always have time to grab a glass of milk. It’s one of the simplest things you can do every day and feel good about, for you and your family."


The new ads will debut on Jan. 20 in USA Today!

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