Christina Applegate has been through a lot this past year – undergoing a double mastectomy to battle breast cancer – and now she’s got one more thing to be happy about, as the winner of Favorite Female TV Star at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. According to Christina, this most recent accolade couldn’t have come at a better time.


"I feel great. I really do. Each week gets easier. Each week gets better," she tells reporters of how her life has been shaping up. "When this happened it really meant a lot to me that people took the time to go on there and click [their computers], especially right now. Good news was really in the cards for me. I really needed it."


As for how she’s resolving to approach this new year, the Samantha Who? star’s reveals her wish for 2009 was simple.


"It was really about joy," she says. "Joy is a big thing and opening myself up to the upswing of life and being joyful and healthy and that’s really it."


May your wish come true!

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