Get It Sold’s Sabrina Soto is hosting HGTV’s White House Christmas 2007 for for the first time. In a stroke of beginner’s luck, she had an unexpected encounter with First Lady Laura Bush while filming. “She was strolling around and seeing what the volunteers were doing,” Sabrina relays excitedly, adding that she was a bundle of nerves when she and the First Lady spoke. “All I remember is hearing this buzzing,” Sabrina laughs. “I wasn’t planning on seeing her, so I was so nervous.”


Mrs. Bush theme for this year’s White House Christmas is national parks. “Everything is based on nature,” Sabrina reveals. “There are two huge Christmas trees made of pure seashells.” Ornaments donated from 300 parks across the nation decorate an 18-foot tree.


The most delectable feature in the White House this holiday season is a gingerbread house weighing in at nearly a ton. And yeah, Sabrina got a taste of what it was made of. “It was delicious,” she teases.


Oh, Sabrina, you temptress.


White House Christmas 2007 airs Sunday, Dec. 16 at 8:30 p.m. on HGTV.

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