Christy Turlington and hubby Ed Burns are a perfect match.

“We have a lot in common,” the 39-year-old mom to Grace, 4, and Finn, 2, tells me. “We’re both pretty easygoing, low-key people. Our family is our priority.”

What’s the best gift he’s given her recently?

“It was actually for my birthday. He blew up a huge photograph. A friend of ours, Pamela Hanson, did a huge black and white photograph. It was really huge, sort of life-size. They look like works of art because they’re so big and abstract. It’s very sweet that the biggest thing he could think about was something that involved our kids.”

The couple, who belong to the Writers’ Guild, recently finished working on a movie script.

“It was a great experience,” she says. “We took turns actually. We didn’t write in the same room. But it was really fun, and we’re really proud of what we made. They’re really happy with it and hopefully something will come of it now that the strike is over.”

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