Watch out, Jessica Biel. Ciara gets steamy with Justin Timberlake on their new track Love Sex Magic. The labelmates got playful in the studio – and in the hot video.

“He was like a comedian in the sessions,” Ciara, 23, tells me. “He was cracking jokes. We’d make our cool little languages or ways of talking. We’d talk back with each other. Like, my girl, her name was Sophia, and I’d talk like I’m Sophia. She talks like [European accent] ‘You don’t know me like this. This is what I do.’ Funny stuff like that. We would have fun.”

Justin, 28, tried to catch Ciara cursing – which was difficult, considering she refuses to say bad words.

“I don’t really curse,” she says. “I don’t say cursing words on the album. If something makes me really mad, it will come out, like a word or two, but just when I’m moving around, day-to-day, I don’t use those words. He’d try to catch me. When I would mess up on a song, I’d be like ‘sh—-,’ which is a bad word in Germany. I’d say ‘shiznit, shiznit.’ That’s what I say. He’d try to edit the word to make it a word.”

She continues, “He’d try to catch me in the studio saying ‘shiznit’ and I didn’t know he was recording me. After, he got me to say it on the computer – but I wasn’t really saying it. Little funny moments. We definitely had a lot of fun. He tried to get me to curse. He tried to catch me.”

Justin’s girlfriend Jessica, 27, dropped by to help Ciara choose tracks for her new album Fantasy Ride, which is due this spring. Ms. Biel’s favorite? I’m a G.  

“We were jammin’ to that,” she says. “It’s a record for my girls.”

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