Patti LaBelle and her choir were runner ups in the Clash of the Choirs’ live finale that aired Thursday night. (Nick Lachey’s high-octane Cincinnati team took home the top prize.) Still, that’s not too shabby for a woman who didn’t even want to initially do the competition!


“I didn’t want to tell people ‘no,’” she says, referring to selecting her choir. Luckily, Patti had a change of heart, telling those she didn’t select, “If you’re not chosen, your career isn’t over. Look at Jennifer Hudson!”


Patti, whose career spans over 40 decades, has some smart advice for Britney Spears and other pop princesses on having a musical career as lengthy as hers. “Just keep your feet on the ground and don’t look your fans in the face like they’re punks,” she laughs.


Hope Santa brings a few stars the gift of listening to Patti’s sage advice!

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