Clive Owen told Playboy that Angelina Jolie says he looks sexy in t-shirts, but what does he say about her?When OK! caught up with him August 12, the Shoot ëEm Up star repaid the compliment. ‘I think she’s fantastic,’ the 42-year-old Brit told OK! ‘I had a great time working with her. It’s a shame that no one saw the film [Beyond Borders] we did together because I was very proud of it. I think she’s fantastic.’ How does Sarah-Jane, his wife of twelve years, feel about the woman widely regarded as the sexiest in the world taking a shine to her man? ‘My wife thinks it’s nice when people say nice things about her husband,’ he told OK!In Shoot ëEm Up, in theaters September 7, Clive plays a character named Mr. Smith ? just like Angelina’s beau Brad Pitt in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Tah-dah!By Valerie Nome Photo:

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