When I asked Clive Owen about Angelina Jolie’s fondness for him during interviews for Shoot ‘Em Up (in theaters now), his tanned face nearly blushed.

“She’s incredible,” he tells me. I asked him about how his wife of 12 years felt about one of the world’s sexiest women taking a shine to him. “She likes it when people say nice things about her husband.” A-ha!

The 42-year-old Brit, who has two daughters named Hannah and Eve, shows off his paternal instinct by rescuing a newborn baby from dangerous situations throughout the action-packed film. “I was at the birth of my two girls,” he tells me. “I’m comfortable around babies because I’ve got children of my own.”

Despite the film’s violent title, Clive doesn’t carry a weapon of his own. “I only have guns when I’m making movies. When I go to the firing range, they put guns in my hands. I live in London. I love living in a gun-free environment, and long may that continue.”

What does make him angry? “Rudeness,” the actor says, before jetting off to enjoy the food in the hospitality suite. Let’s hope he got a taste of the miniature apple pies, caramel ice cream and bite-size raspberry cheesecakes. Delish!

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