With long-running hospital drama ER heading into the end of its 15-year run on NBC, fans of the show would love nothing more than for former star <a href="https://okmagazine.com/search/clooney" target="_blank"><strong>George Clooney</strong></a> to put on his scrubs and make one final appearance as broodingly handsome Dr. Doug Ross.

Alas, say the show’s producers, you probably shouldn’t count on that happening.

"George is very busy and very handsome. He’s just finishing up in Puerto Rico on a film,"  ER creator John Wells told reporters while promoting his just-announced NBC drama Southland on Thursday. "We’ve talked about it a couple times.  If he stops by and wants to do it, he’ll do it."

That being said, Wells admits there’s always a possibility his handsome former leading man could surprise everyone. "George loves practical jokes, so who knows?"

By Carole Glines

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