Hyper, rambunctious and rather lovable are just a few ways to describe Clyde, the
canine who co-stars alongside Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in the holiday
movie Marley & Me. The 4-year-old American yellow Labrador retriever lives in Venice, Calif., with Birds & Animals Unlimited trainer Mathilde De Cagny, who welcomed OK! into her home to chat about what life is like with Hollywood’s new top dog.


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Clyde is headlining a movie. How did he break into the business?

Finding him was a process. We went  to pounds, shelters. Then my boss went to a breeder in Texas who was boarding dogs for hunting, and he was willing to part with Clyde.

How did you train him to be a terror?

We were all about destroying things — tearing up couches, pillows, knocking down people. I built it to the point where he was almost becoming obsessive on wanting to destroy something.


Did Owen or Jen get hurt?

One time he was supposed to grab some pillows, and Owen comes in wanting to grab him, and Clyde whacked him in the face with the pillow! We also had a day when I got reprimanded: Clyde was in a scene with Owen and Jen, and he peed on Owen’s leg.

Did Clyde like Jen better than Owen?


Owen is very playful, so I would say he would tend to go toward him. But what Jen did every morning — she was really sweet — she would always come and pet him. She would say, “Hi, Clyde! How are you?” And she would give him a kiss.

Did they bring their dogs to the set?

Yes, both their dogs were there. Garcia [an Australian cattle dog] is Owen’s dog, and he was there a lot. He was a little protective of his owner and was jealous to see Owen with another dog. Norman [a Welsh corgi-terrier mix] was with Jen all of the time. He is an older dog, so he was usually by the monitors, hanging out.

The film is about romance and relationships. Does Clyde have a girlfriend?

Well, Clyde lives with many other dogs. Come to think of it, they are all males, so I
don’t know!

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