Britney Spears‘ conservators are cleaning house, big time!

Commissioner Reva Goetz has given Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears and co-conservator Andrew Wallet the power to fire the troubled pop star’s business manager, Howard Grossman.  According to court documents released Friday, Commissioner Goetz ordered Grossman to turn over "all documents, records ands assets relating to Britney Spears" to Jamie Spears and co-conservator Andrew Wallet.

So why would Brit’s conservators want to get rid of Grossman? It may be because he is another direct link to Sam Lutfi. Sam reportedly told Lynn Spears that Grossman listened only to him when it came to Britney’s affairs. Jamie and Lynn Spears already have a restraining order against Sam, so it makes sense that they may want to snuff out out any remaining ties connected with him.



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