You know you want it!Season four American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis, who released his self-titled debut album on Aug. 7 under his own label, Sixth Place Records, is just looking for a modest hit. ‘This isn’t going to be a Carrie Underwood record shooting towards 10 million sales,’ he told OK! during Tuesday night’s intimate record release party at Stereo night club in New York City. ‘It’s an indie release. I do a lot of different things from acting and hosting to singing, and if I can continue to make indie records and sell enough to keep making them and touring, I’ll be very happy.’ Constantine and his band rocked the house, performing several tunes from the album, a blend of pop rock, slow ballads and soft-edged metal, including his signature single ‘Everybody Loves,’ which helped Constantine land a summer gig on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as a singer/music producer. ‘They’ve spoken to me about staying,’ he said, but the singer revealed his top priority is taking his music on the road. He won’t have to go it alone. ‘I just started hanging out with someone and she’s really sweet,’ he shared with OK!. ‘I’m usually the one saying, ëNah, I’m totally single,’ but I don’t mind saying this. She’s actually a great girl and we’ll see what happens.’ Unlike some who have tried to distance themselves from their Idol roots, Constantine embraces his reality competition past. ‘You won’t hear from me, ëI don’t want to talk about that show,’ because it’s pretty much impossible not to,’ he conceded. ‘I’ll always be grateful for the Idol experience. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m really blessed to have had it.’ Constantine is available in stores now.By Delaina DixonPhoto:

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