Rap star Coolio launches his own reality series Coolio’s Rules tonight, and he’s got some simple rules on dating one of his two daughters.

When a suitor comes knocking, "I get my pit bull, I get my knife, and we walk around the block," he explains. 

"I tell them don’t come around here trying to get nothing you ain’t getting at home. First of all, you ain’t going to get it." 

Wait, there’s more.

"Don’t disrespect my child and don’t put your hands on her, cause I’m that motha that will go to jail for mine. I will do the rest of my life in prison if you mess with my kids." 

We’re convinced! But the rules don’t only extend to the suitors. His girls, Artisha and Brandi, have a few to follow as well. 

"I don’t sit there and watch over them, but the other day, I walked in the living room, and Artisha was sitting on some dude’s lap, I was like, ‘Oh hell no,’" Coolio recalls. 


"She just sat there, so I picked up one of the legs from the pool table and said, ‘You better get up right now.’ She was like, ‘I’m 20-years-old.’ I was like you better get yourself a 20-year-old house then!" 


No need to test that limit. But what about Coolio’s dating rules? After all, this single dad is looking for love too.  


"I was dating a lot of variety of people, but I don’t want them to do that," he exclaims. 


Ah, the old parent double standard! 


"I pay the bills, I make the rules. It’s do as I say, not as I do," Coolio declares. 


True that! 


Coolio’s Rules premieres Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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