When cops show up at your party, you’ve got to hope they’re strippers. Unfortunately for Kate Hudson, the real police arrived at her pre-Halloween party early Sunday morning to move her party indoors. Apparently the party was too loud for neighbors, so the LAPD came to keep the noise down.


A source tells Page Six that Kate was a 60s flight attendant and son Ryder Robinson wasn’t in attendance. Fellow partygoers included Courteney Cox dressed as a witch with husband David Arquette as a warlock, Winona Ryder as a mouse, Rachel Zoe in a flapper costume and Cindy Crawford dolled up as Amy Winehouse.


According to the gossip page, Gerard Butler dressed as a sexy cowboy was the hottest ticket in town, with the source saying, "All the girls at the party were lining up to talk to Gerard… he left with two very sexy vampires."

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