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Meth Mayhem! 'Copycat Killers' Debuting Chilling 'Breaking Bad' Episode

Regan Jolley should’ve known addict Jason Hart's love was too good to be true.

Chilling TV series Copycat Killer is back with a shocking Breaking Bad episode, going live this Saturday June 17, OKMagazine.com can reveal.

The series, which tells stories of real crimes based off major motion pictures and TV, is now introducing the terrifying backstory of Regan Jolley and psychotic boyfriend Jason Heart.

For Jolley, life seems too good to be true when she meets charming young war veteran, Hart, while in rehab for crystal meth addiction. The two are quick to start a whirlwind romance — but viewers know it can’t end well.

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As problems begin to arise and the relationship turns sour, Reagan doesn’t realize that Hart’s only desire is to imitate his Breaking Bad hero, Jesse Pinkman — in every way that he can.

In a turmoil of drugs and violence, the disturbing episode recounts the couple’s bitter end, as Hart looks to mimic Breaking Bad’s best known plot point: a tub full of acid and a dead body.

Copycat Killers: Breaking Bad airs Saturday, June 17, 10 ET/PT

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