Rumors have been swirling that Mischa Barton has been finding it difficult to stay on the path to recovery after her recent break down.

Not so, insisted her Beautiful Life co-star Corbin Bleu when OK! saw him last night.

Gossips had claimed that the OC starlet — who was put under psychiatric hold in LA in July — had been spotted out in New York “stumbling” and “slurring her words”.

So did any of these reports ring true?

“Not that I know of,” said Corbin at the premiere of his new action-packed flick, Free Style.

“She’s doing completely well it seems to me.”

In fact, Corbin told OK! that, while he doesn’t act with her in the show, he had just shot a scene in which they were both in the same room and she seemed “great”.

“I watch her,” he said, “she’s always on.”

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