For once, it could be Ryan Seacrest who is in danger of being sent home by American Idol.

According to reports, the host’s job could be in jeopardy while Idol bosses are trying to figure out how to turn the show’s ratings slide around.

Right now, Idol has its lowest viewing figures for five years, even though it still the most popular shows on TV.

MSNBC’s Scoop is claiming that execs are worried that the public are turning off partly because they’re getting tired of the presenter after seven seasons.

Scoop says that an online survey launched last week, asked viewers to assess Idol from every angle, but that there was a "noticeable focus" on Ryan’s performance.

As well questions about the judges, contestants and format, repondents were asked how strongly they agreed with the statements, "I like the interaction between Ryan and the contestants” and  “I like the interaction between the judges and Ryan.”

A source close to Ryan, who shot to fame after he fronted the first season, has said that the busy presenter probably isn’t as worried about hanging on to the Idol job as he once was.

“Ryan is so busy turning himself into a diverse brand, one that has longevity," they said, "it wouldn’t come as a surprise to think that he isn’t worried about his job security with Idol.”

In addition to the talent show, Ryan, among other things, is a regular presenter for the E! network, has his own daily radio show and produces various TV series and specials.

His rep would not comment on whether or not AI bosses had discussed his future on the show with him. 

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