Courteney Cox came out to support hubby David Arquette‘s Feeding America project in Washington, D.C., with daughter Coco in tow.

"They feed over 25 million Americans a year, distributing over 2.3 billion pounds of food," David told <em>OK</em>! about the charity. "But there’s 37 million hungry Americans; people who don’t know where their next meal’s coming from and it’s up to us to eliminate that. There are nine million children they feed a year and there’s a lot more children out there."

The actor, known for his usual anything-but-serious behavior, got involved with the organization after attending some events they had sponsored. "Then I said, okay… let me see what this is really about. So I started donating my time two times a week to a pantry."

At the pantry, he found a real hero to admire. "There’s this lady named Delphia that’s been doing it for 27 years. And it’s the people like that who are so inspiring. She’s just like all soul, it’s all heart. You look at a woman like that and we just have a great time."

That decision to give up a small portion of his personal time to help others has ended up being a life-changing one for David. "It really inspires you," he explains. "Your problems melt away. You see the people you’re helping are working families, elderly and children. It’s inspiring. Only eleven percent of the people they feed are homeless, so it’s kind of a misnomer that the hunger issue is strictly a homeless issue because it’s not.”

Even though little daughter Coco isn’t old enough to cook, she’s not too young to be involved in her parents’ good works. “She came out to the pantry for Thanksgiving. She came and helped sort of put little squashes in different bags. It was really so cute."

The star couple got some of their A-list pals to help out too, including Leonardo DiCaprio, T.I., Rihanna, Tobey Maguire and Kanye WestOK! caught up with Courteney about the organization and even got the former Friends star to give some parenting advice to President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama.

"You know the thing about them, that’s a real family — I don’t think they need my advice," Courteney told OK!. "But from one parent to another, get some sleep! Poor guy! I can’t imagine his day! The parade alone would have knocked the wind out of me!"

Cox says she enjoys being involved in organizations that help others, telling OK!, "Its good to be of service, I dont want to be involved in anything that I can’t get behind, and David jumped in full speed and its been amazing."

When asked how she feels about being called ‘Mama Bear’ by her friends, Courteney tells OK!, "I love to give back — if I can do it, I will."

By Laura Lane & Wynter Mitchell

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