Oh, Courtney Love. Perhaps someone should do for you what our friends do, and keep you away from the Internet/cell phones/other means of communication when a certain mood strikes you: Courtney recently posted another of her infamous electronic ramblings, this time on her Facebook page, to warn her daughter Frances Bean Cobain not to end up like Jamie Lynn Spears, TMZ reports.

Legal guardianship of Frances, 17, was recently taken from Courtney and given to Kurt Cobain‘s mother and sister. A restraining order was also issued by a judge, preventing Courtney from contacting her daughter.

Courtney writes: “theres not a whole lot i can do about it. this is like a hand grenade got thrown into our lives and its not Frances! i am angry at these people not Frances id just prefer she not become Jaimie L Spears, she should go be a writer or an a…rtist wich i support 100% but this is a circus and it pains me cos i know she hates it.”

She goes on to bemoan the loss of her daughter, leaving nothing back when it comes to expressing her sadness.

“i very much miss my daighter, i know she knows how miserable i am im despairing and so sad, so so sad, but i just want to help her be happy, thats it, get her house and get her school and thats all ive ever wanted.”

We might poke fun at Court’s ramblings, but misspelled though her feelings may be, we can’t help but feel for her!

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