Making the Band 4 is back tonight.


Don’t expect a repeat of  Day 26 and Danity Kane shacking up together in a house. This season, the bands are taking their acts on the road.

Our lovely former OK! intern Katie Misata caught up with Danity Kane’s D. Woods to get the scoop on the new season.

Donnie Klang and Aubrey O’Day were at item last season. Are there going to be any hookups this time around?
None for me. I’m not really into the Day 26 boys like that. They’re like my brothers. We crack on each other and play pranks on each other, but no we’re not having any romantic hookups. I do like to talk junk back and fourth with Mike [McCluney] and Willie [Taylor], they are just a comedy team to me and we just go back and fourth all the time. Brian [Andrews] and I actually knew each other before Making the Band when we were in other groups and we ran in to each other a lot performing, so we have a special relationship. You saw how Robert [Curry] and I came to blows, but we’re friends now, and we have an understanding.


There was a rumor you and Dawn Richard got into a fight over Qwanell Mosley, a.k.a. Q, in Vegas?
There are so many! People were speculating that Dawn and I got in to a fight over Q backstage and I was like wow, I missed that one. It’s hilarious.

Are he and Dawn still seeing each other?

I guess they’re still seeing each other, but I’m not going to put out other people’s business like that! You’ll just have to wait and see.

This season, you took your act on the road.

I actually enjoyed filming this one the most because it wasn’t as much as just being in a house and being like a little science fair project where you’re just watched. We were actually able to do our own thing and really be in our element, which is to perform on stage and be on tour.

Must have been nice to get out of the house.
And getting to see the reaction from the fans, which is off the chain. I feel like the fans are a whole new cast member because we did a lot of meet and greets. We had sold out shows in every city and the energy that we felt while we were doing these shows is communicated in the right way. When you watch you’ll understand what we do on stage and what it takes for us to take it that step further and dance harder.

How long were you on the road?
About three weeks. It was really short. By the time it was over we were just getting warmed up!

What was your favorite location?
Each city has its own personality, but I really have to say it was the energy in New York, especially because that was our opening night. Usually you don’t want to have your opening night in New York because you want to get all the kinks out first. But it actually went really really well. The line was wrapped around the building to get in and the crowd was crazy.

What’s the hardest thing about being on the road?
We were juggling that tour and other Danity Kane commitments, so it was like a split personality. Usually you like to just be on the bus and get in that rhythm of city to city and venue to venue,  and you  get a little camaraderie with everyone on the tech crew and the other acts on the road with you, but we were kind of ripped out of that off-and-on.

Speaking of other projects, you have a new movie that you’re working on with choreographer Shane Sparks?
It’s called The Jump Off. I’ve seen Shane Sparks since he’s been on America’s Best Dance Crew critiquing the dancers. I’m nervous he’ll be hard on us on set. But I’m looking forward to that because I haven’t really been in my dancer head, so I think there’s going to be a lot of great energy.

Making the Band 4, season three, premieres Tuesday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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