For Twilight fans, it seems speculating on who will star in the next movie, New Moon, is almost as exciting as reading the books or seeing the movie itself.


The latest in vampire-related gossip is that Dakota Fanning will play Jane, a terrifying bloodsucker who can use her mind to torture others. And now even the sweet-faced 14-year-old is starting to chat about the possibility herself.


"It’s definitely being discussed but it’s not set in stone," she tells Parade in a new interview. "It would be really cool to be a part of Twilight if it works out. I’m a big fan. I saw the first movie but I haven’t read all of the books yet, I’m working on it."


The Push star says baring her proverbial fangs in the role would serve to diversify her career, something she’s been working on since starting to grow out of her adorable child star days.


"I would be a vampire, which could really prove that I can be sweet, little Dakota Fanning and then I can be something different on the screen," she says, adding, "I can no longer do Lucy in I Am Sam. You have to grow up and I am doing it through films."


And growing up she is – in Push Dakota plays a sassy 14-year-old who swears, gets drunk and carries a gun.


"Most people haven’t seen me maybe as grown up as they will in Push," she admits. "But eventually I’m probably going to play the person that you hate. I think that’s the fun part about acting."

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