Daniel Radcliffe has grown up as Harry Potter, but now he’s transitioned into an adult role in Broadway’s Equus.

The 19-year-old actor talks about his Potter costars Rupert Grint, 20, and Emma Watson, 18, the end of Harry Potter and shares a quirky interest.

How did you feel about Emma being hesitant to sign on for more Harry Potter?
I completed my education and she was going into A-Levels. I think they’re called SATs over here? It’s a hard decision to further your education. I totally understood. She really thought about it. She wanted to weigh her options. It would be two or three more years. It’s not something to rush into lightly.

I’m 19 now, and I still have the energy of a four-year-old. I don’t have fatigue. For me, it would be very hard to see someone else do it – especially if he was cute. Also, I’d come this far…

How will you celebrate the end of Harry Potter?

We’ll have a massive party. We haven’t had any wrap parties, which I think is sinful. We haven’t gotten around to organizing. We’ll probably go out on holiday and do all the stuff the insurance hasn’t covered like rock-climbing and handgliding.

Is it true that you’re a World War I buff?
I always had an interest. I find it impressive. I’m the least militant, aggressive person you’ll ever meet. It was machines and machinism with warfare. I get periodically depressed by World War I. It’s so sad they had to live like this. It’s mindblowing.

Catch Daniel in Equus, which is on Broadway now.

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