Daniel Radcliffe, who first brought Harry Potter to life on the big screen, is doing his best to leave audiences’ image of the boy wizard behind.  Radcliffe currently stars  in the play Equus on Broadway as a boy with a religious/sexual fascination with horses.

The role, which Daniel first played on the London stage, requires him to get naked during a long and crucial scene–something the 19-year-old naturally admits was not easy to get used to.

"It’s never going to be the most comfortable thing to be naked in front of people on stage," Radcliffe told James Lipton on Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio. "Personally, not my thing. For some people it’s great! But not for me."

To help ease his apprehension, Radcliffe says he trained for 18 months, worked with a vocal coach and made sure his body was in tip-top shape.

"I got kind of fit because I knew I’d be appearing naked," he says, explaining,  "The play was there to do. Someone had to do it. If you take the job, you take everything that comes with it."

And does that "everything" include embarrassing arousals on stage?

"A friend asked me once, ‘Are you worried about getting an erection on stage?’" Radcliffe recalls.  "I said, ‘no, that would be great!’ Rather the opposite takes place actually."

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