With two days until the showdown between vamp Edward Cullen and werewolf Jacob Black, New Mooners are taking sides! Both supernatural guys have their positives and negatives, but who’s best for Bella? To find out, OK! spoke exclusively to relationship experts, husband and wife Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal. The couple, who are true Twi-hards themselves, weighed in on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.

The husband-and-wife duo recognizes the challenge in choosing a side, because both boys have strong personality traits.

For example, Edward has a certain air of mystery.

“He is willing to sacrifice himself to make sure Bella is happy,” Tamsen says. “I don’t think that happens very often. There is a mystique to it all. Edward is something so different.”

Matt adds that Edward has “that key factor, there is an eternal love, that undying love.”

“There is a lot of taboo with Edward,” he continues, “He is someone she is never allowed to fall in love with. He is more of a forbidden love. It is almost like a Romeo and Juliet thing. They weren’t allowed to be together. He went as far as to suppress his natural instincts, because he loved her so much. Totally against the grain of his being, for love.”

Matt jokes with Tamsen about her making him rent the movie 17 times.

“It speaks to our business of love,” Tamsen says, who has clients who are Twilight fans. “It spans a lot of age ranges. It is fit for people in their teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s.”

Now as for Jake, his charming characteristics also make him a viable candidate for Bella’s heart.

“I think Jacob has a sweet side,” Tamsen says. “Their families have known each other for a long time, there is an innocence about that. I can see people falling for him. He is adorable and kind.”

“There is a lot of passion, as werewolves have a strong temperament,” Matt adds.”He has a temper, and a passionate side where rage flares, very different then Edward.”

“It is sort of in the moment with Jacob, his knee-jerk reaction,” Matt continues. “I think that Edward can plan things. He always has an M.O.: in the end, good for Bella.”

Matt says it would be easier for Bella than to be with Jacob.

“It is more of a surface relationship,” he says. “Edward its very complex. She doesn’t exactly know why Edward does what he does. In the end she feels soul connection with Edward that she would be safer with him.”

Tamsen adds the security Bella feels with Edward is an important factor.

“Because Edward has lived lifetime after lifetime there is a depth to him to that Jacob can’t have,” Tamsen says.

Jacob’s youth makes him less manly, Matt points out.

“He does not have the same mystique that Edward has to have,” Matt says. “Bella and Jacob also started out as more friends than anything. It doesn’t seem like they can go to the depth of the soul mate connection that she has with Edward. Edward is self-sacrificing, and would let Bella move on if she wanted to.”


So Matt and Tamsen are definitely Team Edward, but what would happen if the vamp was out of the picture? Would Jake and Bella work if there was no Edward?

Matt says yes.

“They would have a good shot at making it,” he says. “They are more relatable to each other and have a lot more in common. Plus they have a connection through their fathers being friends. They seem to share similar interests and have more of a common outlook on life and love.”

Matt and Tamsen agree that Edward and Bella’s relationship has some unhealthy aspects.

“On the surface it’s very hot and cold,” Matt says. “The relationship logistics have many challenges such as her desire to become vampire and his apprehensions into turning her as well as him always seeming to be torn between his selfish desire for her and him letting her go because a part of him believes she would be better off without him.”

Tamsen points out, however, that Edward offers what every women wants.

“In the end Edward seems to be incredibly committed to Bella, this is what every woman wants from a man, complete and utter devotion,” she says.

Here are some celebrity reactions, Tweeting their side on the Great Debate:

Jennifer Love Hewitt: “There is not a girl in this world who’s not Team Edward. Have you met girls who are not Team Edward? Well, they are not girls! They’re aliens from another planet who should not be allowed to exist.”

Audrina Patridge: “I want to meet an Edward.”

Joe Jonas: “For a lot of guys, they want superpowers. [Edward is] a vampire, but he’s pretty strong and stuff.”

A.J. McLean:“I’m Team Edward. Jacob’s gotta sneak it in there.”

Stephanie Pratt: “I hate Jacob. I had issues with Jacob. He was just, like, manipulating…I feel bad ’cause I think I take it out on Taylor [Lautner] .”

Team Jacob counters with…

Taylor Swift: “Team Jake.” (Of course Taylor would stand by her man.)

Emma Roberts: “Finished ALL the twilights….team Jacob”

Selena Gomez: “I like them both . . . I have to choose one of them? I guess Team Jacob, ’cause I want to be a good friend.”

Kristen Stewart: “Objectively, from the outside, she should be with Jacob . . . She’s best friends with him, he’s warm, it’s easy, there’s no problems there.”

On the fence…

Demi Lovato: “Edward Cullen — I would write a love song to him . . . or Jacob Black”

Kim Kardashian and Katharine McPhee are featured in this week’s OK! (on stands everywhere today) showing support with their waterbottles. Kim and the rest of the Kardashian Krew are Team Jacob, and Katharine is Team Edward. Jimmy Kimmel also weighed in on the debate and tried to be fair.

“I think it’s racist to pick between vampires and werewolves, so I’ll say that I love all monsters equally,” Jimmy quipped.

Finally, Matt and Tamsen reveal the secret to finding love.

OK!: Any advice for Twi-Hards looking for their Edward? Or their Jacob…

“Keep open to finding love in strange places,” Matt advises.

And Tamsen, goes for a simple approach.

“Go with your heart,” she says. “Don’t listen to what other people have to say. Be willing to take a chance.”

Relationship Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal released their first book Why Hasn’t He Called? last year. They also host Lifetime’s Matched in Manhattan and are regular contributors to national and syndicated talk shows.  To contact Matt and Tamsen and learn more about them visit http://www.askmattandtamsen.com/



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