I dig the reality series, Split Ends.


Two hair gurus trade jobs and work in salons radically different from their usual place of business. There’s nothing funnier than watching a big-time stylist with no weave experience try to put one in!

Well, the new season kick off Nov. 22, and we can expect to see a few celeb faces in the stylists-away-from home’s chairs.

The TV Fanatic has learned that former Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner will pop up in an episode airing in December.

Also stopping in for a little trim is actress Lori Petty. Best known for her role as Keanu Reeves‘ surfer girlfriend in the 1991 classic Point Break, Lori currently runs her own clothes company, Lawd Knows, and just directed her first film, The Poker House, starring Kath & Kim’s Selma Blair.

Dave and Lori have both been known to sport some pretty radical hairstyles, so it will be fun to see what goes down in the stylist chair!

Catch the season premiere of Split Ends, Saturday, Nov. 22 at 8 pm on The Style Network.

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