There’s some scandalous news surrounding the father of cutie-pie pop star David Archuleta after it’s come to light that the singer’s father was arrested during a raid at a Utah massage parlor in January.

According to, Jeff Archuleta was charged with allegedly soliciting a prostitute on Jan. 14 in Midvale, Utah, after local cops busted a massage parlor and discovered David’s dad getting some extra special service from one of the employees.

Though the elder Archuleta claims it was the first time he’d been to that massage parlor, and that he only went there because of a back problem, he nonetheless pled no contest to charges of soliciting prostitution, a Class B misdemeanor, and was fined $582.

This isn’t the first time David’s dad has been the center of controversy. During the singer’s run on American Idol, producers had Jeff banned from rehearsals for his overbearing behavior.

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