Could it be that David Cook turned in a lackluster performance last week because his mind has been on other things?

OK! has learned that a romance has been brewing between the American Idol finalist and So You Think You Can Dance runner-up Lacey Schwimmer.

We hear the Idol front-runner has been missing his curfew to hang out with his new sweetheart and that he has been sneaking away to see her during the day.

Our source says Lacey, who finished in the top four of the dance contest last year, is "falling hard" for the rocker and that she’s been in the audience at the Idol tapings for the last two weeks.

The pair met two weeks ago during rehearsals for the Idol Gives Back special and they’ve already been on several dates.

A spy tells us that they clicked straight away and in no time Lacey, 20, was teasing David, 25, about his trip to hospital to be treated for high blood pressure.

A source tells OK!, "Lacey met David during rehearsals and they had an intense chemistry immediately! They were totally flirting and she was joking with him saying, ‘Don’t make your heart rate go up too high.’ They have the same sense of humor."

Even Lacey’s ex, fellow So You Think You Can Dance contestant Hawk, who was also at rehearsals, saw the sparks between Lacey and David.

Our source says, "Hawk totally noticed and you could tell he was jealous. He was Lacey’s first boyfriend — her first love — but by the end of the rehearsal Lacey and David exchanged numbers."

The mole says that Lacey had never watched Idol before she met David, but after the rehearsal she went home and downloaded all his performances. "She liked him even more after she realized he’s so talented," our source said.

"He’s gone out after curfew and gone by her apartment and they’ve gone to [Hollywood bakery] Doughboys, which is one of both of their favorite places. She likes the Red Velvet [cake] and he loves it because they serve breakfast all day," the source says.


"She’s totally falling hard," they added.

Lacey’s still a bit gun shy about going public with the new romance, opting to sit behind the judges than with the family during Idol tapings.

"She’s going to all the tapings and goes backstage to wish him luck," we’re told. "He was really nervous about the last song he did. He wasn’t happy with it and didn’t think he was ready to perform it, but she gave him a pep talk."

"She went through the whole reality show thing too so she understands."

But after his dud performance last week, David better not spend too much time daydreaming about his new girlfriend if he wants to make it into the final six on Wednesday.

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