David Cook fans can breathe a sigh of relief, says one of the American Idol executive producers.

Nigel Lythgoe said this afternoon that David is no longer receiving treatment after last night’s health scare and that he fully expects him to take part next week.


He said that David was given medication at the hospital, but is no longer receiving treatment.


Nigel also denied that David had nearly pulled out of last night’s show.

The exec said David, 25, from Blue Springs, MO, was treated for high blood pressure and heart palpitations but was released from hospital yesterday night.

Toward the end of yesterday’s final-round episode of American Idol, David began to feel unwell.

He was seen by a medic at the L.A. studio and was later taken by car to the Cedar Sinai hospital.


TMZ has reported that he has been under extra pressure this week because his brother, who has cancer, suffered a setback in his treatment.

This afternoon Nigel said: "[David] had heart palpitations with high blood-pressure towards the end of the show.

"He went to Cedar Sinai where he saw a private doctor and he was given some medication to lower his blood pressure and then returned to the hotel very shortly after."

Nigel said that there is no contingency plan in place in case David isn’t well enough to sing next week.

The exec said that only one contestant had been too sick to perform once, and that was on the British version of the show.

Nigel explained that in that case, the contestant had been given a week off and then rejoined the contest.

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