As Tobey Maguire steps down from the Spider-Man plate, Disney star David Henrie talks to OK! about the buzzing rumors that he is next in line to take on the action-packed role in its’ fourth installment to date.

“I am very blessed that the rumor is even going around and I am very happy about it!  That would be a dream role for me,” The Wizards of Waverly Place star reveals to OK! at the premiere of Legion on Thursday.

And while, “nothing is official yet,” David reveals that there is a possibility studio execs have been looking into him taking over the web-spewing part.

“I think a month ago I saw something pop up on Google Alerts that said, ‘David Henrie Might be the Next Spider-Man’ and it’s been spreading around ever since,” the 20-year-old gushes to OK! in Hollywood, “I am just happy to read it.”

But jumping into such an acclaimed leading role isn’t easy as David realizes that it will take a lot of work to fill Tobey’s shoes.

“I love Tobey and I have been watching him forever so I would do whatever it takes to follow him in the role.”

The only thing this young actor won’t be stressing over is his already svelte physique as David explains, “Well I have been involved in martial arts for my whole life and I am very acrobatic, active, and athletic so I would continue to do a lot more of what I have been doing with mixed martial arts,” to prepare for Spider-Man if the opportunity presents itself.

In the meantime, the single man, who works alongside Selena Gomez, has romance to ponder while he waits to hear back on Spider-Man as Valentine’s Day lingers in the air.

“Step one is to find a valentine!  Step two is to figure out how to impress the hell out of her.  If you make something it’s more special.  I consider myself a creative guy,” David tells OK!.

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