If you were expecting an answer here, sorry, I still don’t know.


I’m a bit behind on my blogging. So, despite that it’s a sunny day outside here in LA, I’ll spend a few minute playing catch up before a run in the sun…

My week started with a double dose of Koi and Rachel birthday parties and didn’t slow down till Tivo Friday (which was gratefully honored this week).

Wednesday night I went to check out the recently renovated hot before I lived here bar Guys. My friend Tiff and I spent most of our time there sitting outside in a very comfortable banquette across from a glowing fireplace – and watching David Spade.

I don’t know why trying to figure out David Spade’s appeal – to a laundry list of woman including Lara Flynn Boyle, Heather Locklear, the Playmate whose baby he recently fathered and current girlfriend Nicollette Sheridan –  has led to endless fascination with the slightly neurotic comic from Arizona. I finally had an opportunity to put the question to the man himself a few months back and his answer something to the effect, ‘I’m relatively normal in a not normal city’ didn’t really satisfy my curiosity. Maybe I should be speaking to the women who fall for David than ask David to explain himself. The quest continues…

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