Sept. 7, 2000

It was the day we were all waiting for, but couldn’t believe when it finally arrived. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake went public with their long-hibernating relationship seven years ago today and, admit it — you were floored when you saw them sitting side by side in Radio Music City Hall.

After all, where’s a better locale to confirm the world’s biggest news and break millions of girls’ hearts than the ultimate platform for all things pop culture — the Video Music Awards? Against the wishes of her handlers to park herself aisles away from her beau, Brit made a big-girl decision and opted to come clean about the guy she’s been secretly dating the past two years. "I was like, ‘I want to sit by him," she would say afterwards. "He’s fun to be around. I love his company. With him and my brother [Bryan] sitting by me, it made me feel so much more at ease and at peace." Well, honesty is the best policy.

The iconic couple will stay tied to the hip for another year and a half, gushing about each other every chance they got, but they abruptly zipped their traps after their 2002 split… until "Cry Me a River" came out. Make sure to take a look back at pop’s prince and princess’ brief but amazing time together here.

By Joyce Eng

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