For most fans, waiting in line for an autograph from their favorite singer is sufficient, but for Debbie Gibson fanatic Bassass Jorge Puigdollers, that’s just not enough. In fact, he’s even gone to such great lengths to meet the singer that she’s decided to file a restraining order against him.

“About a week ago, a security guard found a note inside the house that read, ‘I’d like to come back and talk to you,’” a friend of the Electric Youth singer tells OK!. Lucky for Debbie, she was away on tour and not home to receive the note. But on April 13, Bassass returned. “She was only home a couple of hours and her doorbell rang," explains the friend. "Through her security cameras, she was able to see it was him.”

According to the friend, Debbie politely asked the fan, who is a native of Barcelona, Spain, to go away but "he refused to leave so she called the police."

The friend also tells OK! that this die-hard fan had attended Debbie’s concert in El Paso, Texas, days earlier and when he couldn’t get to see her backstage, drove 27 straight hours to her house in L.A. “It’s totally sick, what did he hope to accomplish?” the source asks. “Once somebody comes to your house as a fan, they cross the line.”

In the restraining order, which prohibits Bassass from coming within 100 yards of Gibson, she alleges that her first experience with the 44-year-old superfan was in 2002 and that she has had to notify security guards at concert venues and at her hotels of his presence. Her friend tells OK! that Bassass has even managed to get into her dressing room in Chicago and elsewhere.

This isn’t the first time Debbie has had to deal with overzealous admirers. The friend says that one obsessed stalker threatened to kill her and showed up to a concert venue with a firearm.

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