OK! has gained some more insight into the crazy thinking of the London woman who calls herself Nona Jackson and styles herself as Michael Jackson‘s secret wife.


The demands she filed today in court, ordering all monies and assets of the late King of Pop to be turned over to her immediately, were all handwritten. The document is 93 pages long.


She also says that Michael married her on her birthday in 2005 in Saudi Arabia, and gave her a new name.


She writes: "His Heiness named me Princess Zaynab Nona Paris Lola bin Fahd bin Khalid al Saud."

Nona, who claims she’s sired 15 children by Michael, including his three actual kids, filed a laundry list of demands, including:


1. Do not cut Blanket’s hair now or ever. Let it grow as long as possible.


2. Nona demands all assets, especially 100 lycra catsuits, MJJ Smoker’s Toothpaste, MJJ’s entire doll collection, all of the supply of whitening body cream and whitening face cream.

3. She wants the court to make it clear to Katherine and Joe Jackson that "since Michael, at the age of 5, was not too young to be whipped onto the stage, my children are not too young to run their father’s businesses, as he had trained them to be great business kids, though I will be overseeing them."

4. She writes that she wants her children to take over Michael’s Sony business, and many others. She will listen to their desires to make changes to the businesses, but that she will be overseeing all of their decisions.


Good luck with all of that, Nona!

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