Demi Lovato has her own following of admiring fans, but this Disney star seems to have quite a thing going for Grammy winner John Mayer, who she says was a very important influence on her music.


"He inspired a lot of the album just because he’s an incredible musician," she gushes to Buzznet in a new video interview.


So are there any of his songs she’d like to perform with him? Oh, yeah, just a few.


"Every single one! Oh my gosh. I think he’s one of the greatest musicians ever! Definitely of our time, but ever!"


Tells us how you really feel, Demi!


While she’ll be busy with her own 60+ city tour this summer, Demi reveals what her plans would be if she wasn’t working.


"I’d visit the Jonas Brothers [on tour]. They’ve got both Jordin Sparks and Honor Society opening for them, so that will be cool," she reveals. "And I wish I could go see Michael Jackson in London."

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