Demi Lovato, Menudo, Quddus and Susie Castillo are on hand for Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day held during the U.S. Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens.

As kids clamor for autographs, Demi calls out “Group interview! How’s it going?” as reporters gather round on the tennis court.

Is she a big tennis fan?

“I wish I was a bigger sports fan. I grew up in school and I don’t play sports. I’m horrible at sports. I’m actually very uncoordinated. I’m surprised that I don’t fall more onstage.”

How are her Camp Rock costars the Jonas Brothers protective of her?

“Well, they’ve always got my back, and they’re always making sure … Kevin’s like ‘do you need any water? Are you OK?’ I’m like ‘I’m OK, thank you.’ And they’re like ‘I’ll come get you something,’ and I’m like ‘no, it’s fine.’ They’re like ‘watch your step.’ One time I was on stage, and there was a step. To make sure that I saw it, Joe was like ‘watch your step.’ It was pretty funny.”

Photogs snap away as she makes a klutzy face.

“And they just got that on their picture, so that’s pretty awesome.”  

How does Demi prolong her summer look?

“I don’t go out in the sun. This is the only sun I’ve gotten all summer. I like sunblock and not getting tan. It’s much more safe.”

How does she stay grounded?

“These people [points to fans clamoring in the stands], because without them waving and stuff like that, I wouldn’t be here,” she says. “When you take time and talk to them and appreciate them, you learn that they’re real people who like your music, and to have people like your music in general is an awesome feeling.”

The Menudo boys swoop through. Any thoughts on Ricky Martin’s newborn twins?

“Congratulations, Ricky,” Carlos Olivero tells me. “I wish you nothing but th e best with your children. I don’t know how it is to have kids, but I have a little baby brother, and I know it’s the greatest thing in the world to take care of a baby, so congratulations with you, and I wish you nothing but success with your music and everything else.”

Why will he be a great dad?

“He’s one of the most kindest, humblest, most down-to-earth humble people out there in the industry, so I honestly think the kids are well off.”

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