Ashton Kutcher makes Demi Moore shine.

Donning curious sunglasses, he silently makes a solo entrance  just in time for the mom of three, 46, to chat during The Joneses premiere held at the Toronto International Film Festival.

What makes a good neighbor?

“I think somebody who’s considerate, giving and is looking to do for the other without expecting anything in return,” compassionate Demi says. “I try to be a good neighbor.”

FYI: She’s recently taken heat for saying she doesn’t have plastic surgery and nature is responsible for her appearance. I agree she isn’t under its influence — now.

Why this film about the truth behind the façade of suburban competition?

“I feel like the topic was very relevant to our time, and in the process of doing the film, it became even more relevant with the economic crisis we hit with too many people leveraging their lives for stuff,” she says. “The message is that what we have is not who we are, ultimately, and this stuff doesn’t make us happy.

Why during a recession?

“We have to look at really being responsible for where we are, and be more conscientious. This film highlights leveraging yourself in an effort to have an image, and what we have will never be who we are.”

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