Tanned and taut in a black, strapless Donna Karan dress, Demi Moore, 45, looked scarcely older than her 30-year-old husband, Ashton Kutcher — or, for that matter, her daughter Rumer, 20. at the Jan. 20 Youth Inaugural Ball at D.C.’s Hilton Washington hotel.


“Demi’s body is absolutely amazing, and she can easily compete with the twentysomethings,” Project Runway star Nick Verreos tells OK!. “She looks as good, if not better!”


Better, arguably, than she did almost 25 years ago. But how did Demi discover life’s
rewind button? Demi denies having had any nips or tucks. “The truth is, I have no problem with enhancing one’s looks or fixing something that’s changed,” she says. “It’s always an option, but I can’t see me ever getting something like that done.”


After 1996’s Striptease, Demi, who commanded $12.5 million per picture at the time, dropped out of acting for several years, retreating to Idaho for a period of reevaluation. “I’d been on a long physical run of absolutely manipulating and forcing my body,” says Demi. “By taking time off, I was really able to get inside my obsessive-compulsive behavior” and learn that “being thin does not equate to happiness.”


Demi still exercises religiously, with the help of a personal trainer, and follows a regimen that includes circuit training, weights, cardio, and Pilates. “The cost per year is in the six figures,” a source tells OK!.


But her look isn’t all about money and muscles. “She has flawless skin,” Demi’s personal makeup artist, Erin Ayanian Monroe, tells OK!. “There’s nothing to cover up. We just give her skin a glow with a créme blush and use a lot of sunscreen.”

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“Demi is healthy from the inside out. You can tell how a person lives her life — it comes out in the nails,” says her manicurist, Jessica Vartoughian. Adds Tara Smith, her personal hairstylist, “No one has better hair than Demi. It’s naturally jet black, not one
gray! I attribute it to her healthy lifestyle. She drinks loads of water, eats greens and
seaweeds. She doesn’t carry a lot of stress.”


Demi agrees, acknowledging that “our mental and emotional states play a vital role in how we all look,” and adding, “I do tend to look better when I’m in love.”


That was clear when she and Ashton attended the Jan. 11 CAA Golden Globes afterparty. “Demi looked 100 percent amazing,” a guest tells OK!. “You could tell they love each other.” Six nights later, the pair partied at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Ashton’s movie Spread, where he took the stage and, a witness tells OK!,
looked at his wife and said, “I love you, I can’t live without you.”

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