John Stamos is ready to hang up his scrubs for good.

The actor, who plays Dr. Tony Gates on ER, says that he won’t be spinning off his character into a new series when the medical drama ends next year.

“[I’ve] never offered but there’s been talk about that,” he tells Extra. “I’m really having a great time doing the show and we’re still cranking out good quality. So, I think when they’re done, I’m ready to go off into the sunset.”

He’s not the only one. His co-star, Maura Tierney, recently said she’s ready to be done with her character, Dr. Abby Lockhart, as well. But before they can bid adieu next season – the long-running series’ 15th – there are still storylines to be wrapped up for this season – some of which are proving to be hazardous for John. While shooting a love scene with Linda Cardellini, the 44-year-old failed to make a good impression.

"I bashed her in the nose and I couldn’t get her bra off," he says. "And she was like, ‘I thought you’d be better at this.’"

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