Looks like Tina Fey is learning the hard way that being famous makes you the target for any random rumor-mongerer.

The same day she’s named Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press, the 30 Rock star found herself the subject of a scurrilous tabloid report that she and co-star Alec Baldwin got into a verbal smackdown at a recent photoshoot, with him allegedly making fun of the scar on her cheek and her ridiculing him for his weight.

Alas, show insiders tell OK! that this is all just a mean-spirited dream. Not only was there no catfight during the photoshoot — there hasn’t even been a photoshoot in months!

"There was no recent photo shoot with the two of them on set," one show source reveals to OK!. "The last shoot was back in October for TV Guide and nothing like what’s being described in that story happened."

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