There is no ill will between Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger‘s family, the actress’ rep says.

"The presumption that Michelle ever intended to attend The Dark Knight premiere is unfounded, but to say she is ‘boycotting’ due to a rift with Heath’s family is absurd," her rep said in a statement.

A story in Tuesday’s New York Post claimed that Michelle and the Ledger family had a falling out over the late actor’s outdated will (their daughter, Matilda, born in 2005, is not included in the 2003 paperwork) and plans to boycott the July premiere of his last film, The Dark Knight.

The report stated the 27-year-old was worried that Heath’s father, Kim, was not fit to act as executor of the will because he had allegedly mishandled funds from his own father’s will.

For his part, Kim had vowed that Matilda would be priorty No. 1 and will be provided for when details of his son’s will were released.

"It is time to allow this family to go about their lives without this continued scrutiny and speculation," Michelle’s rep added.

The Ledger clan is scheduled to attend the July 14 New York City premiere of the Batman Begins sequel.

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