Denis Leary has always been known for his potty-mouthed wit when it comes to making digs at people he doesn’t like, as well as those he does. And Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are no exception.


"That is awesome. I’m so proud of them," he jokes to of the couple quitting I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! "Why are these people famous? That’s fantastic. Not only do we not care about the charity, but we’re not even going to pretend to care! Man, they’re such morons. There’s already a Baldwin. They should fly in all the Baldwins and just have them beat the crap out of Spencer and Heidi. (It would be called) I’m a Baldwin, We’re Here to Kill You."




Reality TV moms aren’t safe from Denis’ wrath either, as he rags on Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8… despite the fact that he doesn’t even watch the show!


"The first thing I always think about is the kids because they don’t have any choice in this whole being famous thing. You’ve got eight monsters, man. Eight potential Susan Boyles coming up," he says. "Plus there’s Kate’s haircut – it’s extraordinary. If it were a movie, you would have to convince an actress so hard to wear her hair like that. It’s like an old hockey haircut."


Speaking of SuBo, the sharp-tongued Rescue Me star seems to be somewhat of a fan of hers, in his own Denis way.

"I think she’s a hobbit. The no expectations aspect was fantastic. I kind of wanted her to be the person who not only could sing but was gonna tell everyone to f–k off and would become the new sex symbol," he explains. "I hope she comes back f—ing crazy like Judy Garland on acid. I’d like to feed her a lot of booze and pills and just let her sing beautiful songs and threaten people from the stage."

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