While Charlie Sheen has promised to no longer speak about his estranged ex Denise Richards to the press, the actress has clearly not taken the same vow.

"I’m done with Charlie," she tells AOL. "I’m at a point where I’m sick of it, and now I’ll just talk because I’ve had three years of this. It’s crazy."

"Crazy" are all the "lies" the actor puts out there about her, trying to paint in her in a negative light, Denise says. Some of his untruths? That she wanted to crash his wedding to Brooke Mueller, requested an early copy of his OK! wedding cover story, received $40 million in their divorce and asked him for his sperm.

"All of that is garbage," she says. "He needs to shut up. He talks about me exploiting the kids, but he’s exploiting our entire situation in the public."

Although Charlie’s remarried, Denise is not looking for a new relationship yet despite the fact that the series premiere of her reality show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated showed her going on a date.

"I’ve been through hell," she says. On top of everything else, I lost my mother over the holidays. I’m not looking for a relationship. If one happens to come along, fantastic. But I’m fine just focusing on being with my girls and working and getting things more settled."

And perhaps another Playboy spread is in the cards as well.

"It’s still a possibility. It’s so iconic and fun. I think that my niche is as a sex symbol. I’m never going to be the girl next door, so why not play up my niche?"

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